Fellowship Development


Fellowship Development (FD) supports NA members and groups to focus on creating an atmosphere of recovery, encouraging unity, and sharing resources to further carry the NA message.


Fellowship Development (FD) encourages and provides resources for effectively serving our groups and committees in aim of having members, groups, and committees fully participating in NA’s decision-making process.

Committee Info:

The Fellowship Development Team is a consensus-first based service body. This team consist of: Team Leader, Assistant Team Leader, Secretary, Outreach Coordinator, Welcome to NA Workshop Coordinator, and Project Coordinators (as deemed necessary by the team).

Project Coordinators (such as the Newsletter workgroup) are chosen by team consensus. All meetings are open to any interested members of NA, but only the persons listed as the members of this team shall join consensus or vote. All attendees have the right to be heard in the development of consensus.

If you are interested in attending an FD team  meeting to learn more, or to become of service, check out the Committee Meetings schedule HERE and look for the ‘Fellowship Development‘. We meet on the first and third Thursday of every month at 6pm

For more information, please e-mail to FD@contracostana.org