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Welcome GSRs, Alternate GSRs & Aspiring GSRs

This page is for you!  You will find an abundance of documents, resources, literature & information to assist you in your adventures and learning as a Group Service Representative!!

GSR's, Please take this survey back to your groups and fill in.

On Demand Training

We now offer an 'on demand' GSR training video. Learn on your own time and if you have additional questions you can leverage our virtual training offered prior to ASC.

New GSR Orientation

Please come join us at the new Group Service Representative (GSR) Orientation for an Introduction to this exciting new Service Opportunity. We will go over GSR basic Responsibilities, Share with you Service Materials & Literature.  We will show you around at Area, point you in the Right Direction for 7th Tradition Contributions & Literature Purchases.  We will also answer all your questions & connect you with a Service Mentor!

Literature & Documents:

Just like all the literature aimed at personal recovery, there’s lots of literature aimed at Service in Recovery.

Printable Schedule Flyer - A flyer that can be printed out and provided at your meeting to allow those wanting a printable schedule to find out how to download the latest version via a web address or a scalable QR Code.

The Group Booklet Narcotics Anonymous groups are self-governing (the Twelve Traditions use the word autonomous). The group may conduct its own affairs in whatever way seems fit to its members, provided the group’s actions do not adversely affect other groups or the entire NA Fellowship. So what we offer here is not a “rule book” but the shared experience of how many of our groups have met with success in conduct- ing meetings and tending to business. Newer members may find this booklet helps them understand who does what to keep the group going and how to help. For more experienced members, it may lend some perspective to their group involvement. But no matter how much information we pack into this booklet, you’re still going to find that the best source of guidance for your group is in your group itself. - PDF of The Group Booklet

A Guide To Local Service - A Guide to Local Services in Narcotics Anonymous is intended to serve as a resource to those in every country who have committed themselves to providing the services necessary to carry our message to the still-suffering addict. Portions of it may prove to be inappropriate for your use either because of geography, national or provincial law, cultural differences, or the developmental state of your NA community. If this is the case, your NA community should feel free to adapt this guide to meet your own needs, provided that those adaptations are consistent with NA’s Twelve Steps, Twelve Traditions, and Twelve Concepts for Service. For further information concerning local adaptation of material from A Guide to Local Services in Narcotics Anonymous, contact NA’s World Service Office.  PDF of A Guide to Local Services in NA

Service Pamphlets - Service pamphlets (SPs) are intended for use as a resource for groups and service bodies. The World Board was directed by a motion at WSC 2006 to develop service related pamphlets for use by the fellowship. Service pamphlets are not intended to be recovery literature or to be used as the basis of a topic during a recovery meeting. They are intended for help in your discussion in group business meetings or in service committees. They are our best attempt at collecting some of the more successful practices in our fellowship in dealing with sensitive or difficult topics. They are similar to what has been previously released as NAWS Bulletins and should be treated in much the same way.

You can find all the current service pamphlets at the link above, the following we believe are especially helpful to GSR’s.

GSR Basics - This tool is intended to help NA members better understand the group service representative (GSR) commitment and to more effectively participate in the work of a local service body. NA services aren’t organized identically in every part of the world, and the responsibilities of the GSR may vary depending on what is needed locally. This tool tries to capture some of our common experience and outline the basic tasks of the GSR position. It does not contain specifics about the policies adopted in individual service bodies as it is intended to be used in any NA community. - PDF of GSR Basics

The Twelve Concepts for NA Service - Twelve Concepts are guiding principles for our service structure. The concepts summarize the hard-won experience of our fellowship’s first forty years with such things as responsibility, authority, delegation, leadership, accountability, spiritual guidance, participation, communication, open-mindedness, fairness, and finances. PDF of the Twelve Concepts for NA Service

Locally Developed Resources.  The Unity, Acceptance, & Inclusion service pamphlet was created as a resource to address the marginalization of some addicts that was happening in some of our local meetings.  The focus of this service pamphlet is on the importance of how we treat each other in our meetings, groups and within our fellowship.  Please feel free to download, copy and share.

ASC Documents:   These are all the printed forms and documents that made available at the monthly ASC meeting.  To download and print them for yourself, you can access them by clicking the image to the left.

ASC Guidelines

GSR Report Form

Motion Form

Motion Recording Form and others

Service Pool Form:  Many members give back by being of service.  Some service positions require specific skills.  Jump into the Service Pool by filling out the form to let us know about your service and skills.  This Service Pool Information Form asks members interested in doing Area service to provide contact information, service history, relevant skills, and availability to be of service. 

Service Pool Form