August 3, 2021 - Masks are required to be worn indoors!

Here is a link directly to that Health Order

--->> The Health Order PDF <<---

Please see section 2 and section 5 in the above document

We made a decision. On Aug. 22, 2021 at the Area Service Committee meeting a decision was made by the Trusted Servants in attendance to address the County mandate that all peoples attending an indoor function must wear a mask. The decision is this, that only meetings with 100% compliance to the County Order will be published on the meeting schedule for our area.

If you are a Trusted Servant of a meeting that has been removed from the schedule that would like help in becoming and maintaining full 100% compliance please contact PR Chair David P. at email: Chair_PR<at>contracostana.org

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Times are changing! Some meetings are back to in-person, some are still virtual, some are hybrid. The BMLT Schedule has the option to search by the Venue Type.

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ASC and some of its subcommittee are being held virtually until further notice. These events are marked as VIRTUAL.