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    Monthly Hikin' Meeting - Golden Gate Bridge

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    Summer Speaker Jam - Martinez

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    H&I 5th Annual Even - Concord

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    Carry on For John Men's Breakfast - Antioch

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    Monthly Speaker and Dance - Bay Point

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    NA Open Stage - Concord

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    Monthly Hikin' Meeting - Chabot Regional Park

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    Unity Day

    Here are the latest schedule changes (with closures in red)

    Sunday   1:00 PM   Richmond meeting “Take The Steps” has changed the start time to 11:00 AM.

    Sunday  4:00 PM  Antioch meeting  "Young People Rock" has closed.

    Sunday   5:00 PM   Walnut Creek meeting “Book Study” has a room location correction.  They meet in Room 206.

    Tuesday 12:00 noon   San Pablo meeting is no longer active.

    Tuesday  8:00 PM  Lafayette meeting “Just For Today” has been identified to show it as 1 hour meeting (website shows it as 90 min).

    Tuesday  8:15 PM  Antioch meeting “GLBT & Friends” has been corrected to show the meeting format as “SD”.

    Thursday 12:00 noon   San Pablo meeting is no longer active.

    Thursday  7:00 PM  Crockett meeting “Mtg Across The Street” Clean-time Celebration has been changed to the 1st & 3rd meeting of the month.

    Thursday  7:00 PM  Antioch meeting “Higher Power Recovery” has an address correction to the street number as 3415 Oakley Road.

    Friday  10:00 PM  Martinez meeting “Better Late Than Never” has the meeting length corrected to show it as 75 minutes.


    "Regular attendance at NA meetings provides the opportunity 

    to experience the NA message of recovery"

    (From the NA 2009 Membership Survey pamphlet)

    Contra Costa NA Meeting Calendar

    If you have a printer you can also print a Printable Schedule

    Please note that the printable schedule is updated once a month and distributed at our Area Service Committee meeting, so meeting changes can't be reflected immediately on it. 

    Each meeting is identified by the city it meets in, followed by the meeting's name. If you're new to NA please don't be alarmed or confused by a group's name. Each group is autonomous, but newcomers are ALWAYS welcome. All meetings are non-smoking: The meeting secretaries will advise whether or not there is a smoking area designated by the meeting facility, or a 'smoke break' during the meeting. Check the Legend below for information about the abbreviations used in the calendar.
    Maps may contain advertisements and/or links to outside agencies, organizations, and businesses. Narcotics Anonymous does not endorse, finance, or lend the NA name to any outside organization. 

    NA Meeting Schedule

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    Meeting Types: [A = Candlelight] [BS = Book Study] [D = Discussion] [IP = Information Pamphlet] [JFT = Just For Today] [S = Speaker] [SD = Speaker Discussion] [SS = Step Study] [TD = Topic Discussion] [TS = Tradition Study] [V = Varied]

    Meeting Formats: Most meetings are "open" for anyone to attend ~ however ~ some meetings have a "preferred" attendance. Preferences are designated as follows [C  =  addicts only] [M  =  men] [W  =  women] [Y  =  young]

    Birthdays Chips: Recovery / Clean-time is recognized & celebrated on the numbered occurrence of that day each month, or   A = All   L = Last