2days since
    Monthly Hikin' NA Meeting - Chabot Regional Park

    0today is
    Contra Costa Labor Day Picnic

    12days until
    Contra Costa Unity Day PLUS monthly speaker meeting and dance - Ambrose Community Center

    20days until
    Contra Costa NAYC joins Sonoma NAYC for FUN DAY at Rankin Park

    26days until
    Contra Costa Hikin' NA Meetin'

    34days until
    Sponsor-Sponsee Taco Dinner / Fundraiser

    Area Website

    The PR committee maintains our website, www.contracostana.org. We have local meeting information, upcoming events, committee meeting information, and general information about NA on our website. We're always open to suggestions for website content. You can send an email admin@contracostana.org, or call the helpline and leave a message at box 86, or check out a PR committee meeting on the third Wednesday of the month at the Ambrose Community Center at 7:30 pm. (This is located at 3105 Willow Pass Road in Baypoint.)