1day until
    Summer Speaker Jam - Martinez

    2days until
    H&I 5th Annual BBQ & Orientation Event - Concord

    9days until
    Carry on For John Men's Breakfast - Antioch

    16days until
    Monthly Speaker and Dance - Bay Point

    23days until
    NA Open Stage - Concord

    37days until
    Monthly Hikin' Meeting - Chabot Regional Park

    51days until
    Contra Costa Unity Day - Ambrose Community Center

    Hospitals and Institutions

    3rd Thursday of each month
    Orientation @ 6:30 PM
    Meeting @ 7:00 PM

    Ambrose Community Center
    3105 Willow Pass Road Bay Point


    H&I subcommittee conducts volunteer panels that carry the NA message to addicts who often have no other way of hearing our message.
    Panels are conducted for patients at addiction treatment centers, mental health facilities, and therapeutic communities and for inmates at jails, prisons, and forensic hospitals.