If you need to speak to someone immediately, call 925-685-4357. Volunteers are available 24 hours a day (press '4' then wait while we contact one of our volunteers).

You can also leave a voicemail for one of our committees. After pressing "8" to get to the subcommittee menu, press one of the following numbers to reach the specific committee. Be sure to leave details explaining what you need, and call-back information so we can contact you.
Newcomer Orientation Committee, NA Women's Committee, NA Youth Committee: Press "85"
Public Relations, Literature Chair, Unity Day CommitteePress "86"
Hospitals and Institutions, Service Workshop, Fellowship Service CenterPress "87"
Area Service Committee Chair, ASC Secretary or Treasurer, or Regional Committee Members: Press "88"

Our area mailing address is CCANA, P.O. Box 6094, Concord, CA, 94527.

Not sure who to contact? You can always send an email to admin@contracostana.org

If you have a question or issue regarding our meeting schedule (either online or written schedule, you can contact:  Schedule@ContraCostaNA.org

If you represent a community organization and wish to contact Contra Costa NA, you can use the contact form below. Please keep in mind that we have no way to respond to your submission unless you leave either an email address, phone number, or mailing address. This information is kept strictly confidential and is never given out. 

Contra Costa Area NA Community Based Organization Contact Form